Welcome Home.

It's time to choose yourself first.

A deeply healing session designed to bring your soul back home within your vessel.

Expect to experience deep reverence and love for yourself.

Expect to feel your body and soul say “Welcome back” as you choose yourself first again.

Expect to feel all the things, but above all else expect to learn a beautiful way to clear excess emotional energy and to find clarity amidst internal confusion.


Dear Beloved...

Welcome back to you. 


This mini-course was designed for anyone who is feeling lost, heartbroken, confused, wounded by trauma, anxious, afraid, or just  in need of deep remembrance of their magic…

  • To bring you back to the inner knowing that it’s time to come home to your own essence, your own magic, your own soul….

  • To show you how beautiful and delicious and raw the experience of being a human can be, even amidst pain and chaos.

I channeled this experience when I was going through it. I was having one of those days where I felt deeply affected by the energy of my loved ones. I could feel my thoughts spiraling me into  dread and fear...

But thanks to my tools I was able to guide myself back to presence, calm, and deep bliss...

Fear consciousness is strong on this planet right now and it requires a deep commitment (and an awareness of the tools) to lift yourself above the fear, and back into a state of connectedness with your soul’s path & with your intuition.

If you’re ready to choose yourself…

You’re in the right place.


Welcome home. 

" Bela is the real deal. Her work is lifechanging. I never thought I could change my life so fast but she has shown me that I am capable of anything.""

Naomi, Alternative Therapist

Welcome Home.



A Journey Back to Yourself 


What's Included: 

1.5 hour session


designed to soothe your nervous system and bring you back home to yourself.


EFT Session 

 led by Bela that you can come back to ANY time you need to ground & relax your nervous system.



+ an artfully composed playlist to immerse your senses in the experience that you can return to any time.



to everything included (access to this offer for as long as it exists!)

You ready?

What you will need to join...

  • A room where you can be alone for an hour & move around
  • A mirror that is big enough to see your entire face, ideally your entire body! Full length mirrors are best.
  • Comfortable clothes to move in
  • Yoga Mat or Rug (optional)
  • Anything else that you desire to help you set the mood
  • An open mind & a willingness to try new things
Ready to come home to yourself?

Pay in Full


Lyric, Oregon


"Working with Bela has been one of the most transformative and extraordinary experiences of my life. Working with her feels effortless. It feels miraculous. It feels limitless."

Aline, Switzerland


"If you’re considering working with Bela, just know that you’re here reading this for a reason. Don’t be scared and go for it. She is the best mentor you could ever imagine and she is so supportive."

All Sales made by Divine Self LLC are final. There are no refunds. We trust that if you invest in your healing & growth, it is for a reason, and. we honor your sovereign decision to be here with the Divine Self Team.