a year long masterclass series for Spiritual Entrepreneurs seeking to elevate their spiritual gifts & take their business to the next level of abundance & ease. We begin January 2022.

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a year long masterclass series for Spiritual Entrepreneurs seeking to elevate their spiritual gifts & take their business to the next level of abundance & ease.

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 one of my most sacred creations to date. 

Multidimensional Magic is a year-long masterclass series designed to catapult Spiritual Entrepreneurs into true leadership by activating magnetism, radical confidence,  knowledge of the quantum, and equipping you with all of the secrets to success that you’ve been craving to learn.

I know. This offer has been a long time coming. 


If you’ve followed my journey, you know that my deep commitment to my spiritual evolution has played a big role in my success as an entrepreneur.

I’ve utilized equal parts spiritual practice, energetic work, strategy, and a deep understanding of online entrepreneurship to create my legacy in the online space, and I’ve since guided over 100 women to do the same & created a multi-6 figure business in the process.

So, I created Multidimensional Magic for a few reasons. 

First of all, in my experience, after working with over 6 business mentors in 2021, I’ve found that finding that sweet balance between masculine and feminine practices, structure and flow, business tools and energetic work, is actually really hard to come by!

Secondly, many times I felt that I was given a one-size-fits-all solution that worked for a little while in my business, but very quickly I’d outgrow the strategies I was taught.

And lastly, I deliberately was able to 30x my income in just one year by combining indigenous Toltec teachings along with strong business practices and I want to pass that gift forward to you so you can leap into your greatness, in just one year.

I created this sacred offering for the spiritual entrepreneur who understands that spiritual & energetic practices & principles as equal parts as important as business strategy.  

Because guess what? The coaching & online space isn’t logical nor linear. 

How I catapulted my business to multiple 6-figures in just 3 months did not occur through a logical process.

It did however happen very deliberately, through prioritizing clarity & balance, so that I could cut through all of the noise in the online space and stand out with a unique message and brand that is fully authentic to me.

Sign me uppppp baby!

Multidimensional Magic Includes:

12 live masterclasses

1-2 hour long epic live calls that will transform your life & business. Held on on every first Thursday of the month at 1PM EST.



12 live Q&A Sessions

75 minute long deep dives into all of your juicy questions. Held every Second Tuesday or Wednesday of the month

 Private Facebook community

to network, exchange sessions, and learn alongside the most potent spiritual entrepreneurs in the online space + to send in your questions for monthly Q&A’s

2 bonus sessions

led by Nic Patino to bring you that masculine perspective & wisdom on the following topics: Masculine Energetics of Structure & Remembrance of Self (dates TBD)


Business Essentials Tools 

In addition to everything else, you'll get access to all of the foundational tools you need to ensure your business is thriving. (Valued at $1800)

The Multidimensional Magic Monthly Topics are as follows:

The Investment for Multidimensional Magic is  $2222

 only $158 per session! (not including the Q&A’s)

& YES there is a payment plan option (keep scrolling for the details)

 Every single masterclass in this series is designed to awaken,  activate, and liberate parts of you that you never expected to unlock so quickly, and as if that weren't enough Bela is giving you access to her most powerful business / social media mastery tools.

Consider this 5 years of business & spiritual mastery jam packed into one epic and lifechanging year….

I'm SO excited to walk this path alongside you.


Let's doooo this!

Interested in the 2x Payment Plan option?

The 2 payment payment plan option is $1222 x 2 monthly installments

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Interested in the 6x Payment Plan option?

The payment plan option is $410 x 6 monthly installments

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